The Craps Table And Crew – How to Play Craps

Today I want to give you a better understanding of the craps table and the crew that works it. This will give you more confidence as you approach the table. Lets get rolling! Intro The craps table.

There aren’t any regulation craps tables, they come in all sizes, lengths, widths, colors and different playing surfaces. The most common table is the 12 foot table. Most casinos may have 1 or 2 tables while others might have as many as 10. There are also casinos that don’t have a table at all, and thats just sad.

These Las Vegas style tables can accommodate up to 8 players per side or 16 total. A padded rail runs along the top edge with a rack to hold your chips. Most have similar layouts with maybe slight differences printed on the felt or surface. At the end of each table are walls with rubber pyramids. The dice shooter tosses the dice to the opposite side of table and off the pyramids to cause the dice to bounce off in random directions. The table will have a small sign posting the minimum and maximum amounts that can be wagered per bet.

They also show how many odds can be played. You might see a table sign like this. This means the minimum bet is $5 and the maximum is $5000 while you can also bet 3x4x5x odds. We will discuss odds in detail in a later video. I am not a high roller, which is someone who bets large amounts.

So I look for $5 minimum tables. In Las Vegas these tables are becoming rare, you can find them downtown, or at some casinos on the strip during the morning. Usually by the evening or on weekends, they raise the minimums to $10, $15 or 25 dollars. The crew that works the table is usually a team of 4 casino employees, the stickman who stands at the center of the table, two dealers who stand opposite the stickman and at either end of the table, and a boxman who sits between the dealers.

The stickman is responsible for the dice, he uses a hooked stick to move the dice around. He pushes the dice to the shooter and collects the dice to the center of the table after each roll. The stickman controls the pace of the game and generates excitement by calling out each roll of the dice. He is also responsible for all the prop bets in the center of the table. The dealers take care of all bets on their end of the table. He pays winning bets, collects losing ones, converts cash to chips, and will color up chips for the player.

You interact mostly with the dealer, so if you have any questions during the game, just ask them. The boxman supervises the game, and watches over all the casinos chips. He watches for correct payouts, inspects the dice, and settles disputes. Other supervisors include the floormen and pit bosses, who watch over all the tables.

Now, these crews typically work for low pay and rely on tips. So they should be providing good customer service to you and help you with any questions you might have. If you have a story of an especially good, or maybe a bad experience with your dealer, let me know down in the comments. Id love to hear your story. If you are not a subscriber already, hit the subscribe button.

In my next video I am going to try to answer all your questions about playing for the very first time, from approaching the table to proper etiquette. until then…My name is Jeremy, and I’ll see you at the tables, and good luck coloring up!